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"Solitary Refinement"

Now that my novel, “Above Beyond” is generally available, it’s time for me to choose what’s next. I currently have 18 ideas sitting in the hopper, but I recently heard from a close friend who submitted an idea to me. After considerable thought and bouncing the idea off some advisers, I’ve decided to run with it!

Imagine: The world global warming federation headed by United States government, financed by other oil-dependent world powers designs an energy-finding project. These encompassing entities and all they produce, and actions they plan and take are highly classified, secret. High tech, deep-sea ships and submarines of scientists, technical advisers and blue collar workers implant hypo-thermal shock measuring probes into the ocean floor. They go to the deepest part of the ocean, somewhere in the (North) Atlantic. The project encroaches many miles deep to explore the effects of fracking on a global basis. The project is approved to take action to extract oil, coal and gas from the deep ocean floor. The expedition is filled with faults and failures, and undermines off-shoot, waning oil, coal and natural gas industries. This pits oil controlling nations against big oil business.

The explorers succeed in inserting probes, but then a problem occurs. This is where I will have to do some heavy research, but the idea is that first, along the equator, they hit a series of connected-to, deep water faults. This awakens erupting volcanoes, triggers massive earthquakes and spawns tsunamis, and other extreme and dangerous elemental conditions. The impact to many Third World countries cause dismay and outrage among the general population especially activist groups and individuals. Of course, a lot can happen…political influences…circumstances around the world…business climate, etc.

Underwater apparatus, invented by the scientists and engineers involved, make deep sea fracking a reality. The failed equator project continues to move forward in secret with the intention to frack many miles down to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. This action produces utter global catastrophic disasters that stem from the aggressive quest for energy. The blasting and drilling down and horizontally into the ocean floor triggers a massive crack. The crack (slowly) expands and ultimately causes near the entire planet to split in two: A colossal, mammoth crack in the Earth!

The political scoundrels fall victim to their own creation.

A savior entity appears with a plan to rescue the planet. It is constituted by reformed scientists and engineers who have exited from the oil, coal and natural gas industry. When things appear all but thwarted, presences unexpected come forth to rescue the whole Earth, but not the project. This group are ‘People of Light.’ They come in from points apart on the Earth. They begin by drilling deep pressure release points to allow the closure of the earth’s inner core outward. There is a chance that the reparations initiate (limited) volcanoes and earthquakes during the process. But these guardian ‘angels’ proceed beyond closure to the wound to ultimately and completely make right the wrongs and set in motion a global movement toward smart, natural energy efficiency.

This saving grace pulls us together in a world of peace through righteous, intended destruction of the bad, and rectification. The good, well-intended activists who were shunned in the first place are hand-in-hand with the savior.

Think of the deals that have to be made worldwide for the initial project. Moreover, think of the positive influence the savior entities involved foster.

Politicians and world leaders are shuffled, unmasked and ultimately prosecuted.

Concept and premise check-out. A marriage between good old storytelling-fiction with rudimentary and general, story-related research into the practices at hand can be authored believable. The premise is far enough away to keep the reader interested and guessing, at the same time introducing a very believable work of fiction.

I believe the idea, with careful treatment can become EPIC.

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