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About the Book – J.A. Landry was in the music business, to some significant degree, from 1966 until 2012. In Part One, he’ll take you through the ins and outs, the theory and his earliest lessons on music. In Part Two, he’ll stress his experience – instrumental performance, road work and studio session time. He’ll describe work done with some of the bands he formed, managed and performed with. Here, we have two subjects from the cusp between theory and instrumental performance involving Production: Whether it’s ritual, comfort, productivity or fun, for the sake of anonymous purity, some things we do not want to fix. No need. Some things we may. Analogous to the champagne cork, in that we certainly can improve that technique or method, do we really want to? No, we don’t. Because we like the sound and vision. We like the pop, the bubbles, and fizz. The volatility of the experience is an exciting and beautiful mix of déjà vu and surprise; priceless when captured. Music Production, at times, begs purity, but at others defiantly and arrogantly replaces it, for the sake of invaluable emotion, if not magic ignorance or coincidence. Unrehearsed magnificence often rewrites standard!.

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J. A. Landry’s New Book “Pronator” Addresses the Stress of Success, the Personal and Physical Tolls, and the Overall Excitement of a Life Devoted to Sports Short Description Recent release “Pronator” from Page Publishing author J. A. Landry is a novel that explores sports, but also delves into the hearts and souls of the family members affiliated with the players.


Long Description

J. A. Landry, an avid writer and the godson of baseball legend Jimmy Piersall, has completed his new book “Pronator”: an emotional journey that follows Sammy Costello from the time before his birth, to his accomplishment as a pitcher to be reckoned with. “I was born into a baseball family,” J. A. Landry said when asked what lead him to write this book. “I’m even named after my godfather, Jimmy Piersall. My father helped Piersall publish a book and movie of his life, so a book on baseball was in my future stars, and here it is.” Published by New York City-based Page Publishing,


J. A. Landry’s riveting tale embodies all the characteristics of a change-up pitch, fooling its readers into believing things will go one way, until the last minute. The novel deals with baseball and individuals, but it also addresses issues such as depression, bi-polar disorder, a family history of alcoholism, and other topics that may not often be affiliated with sports writing. However, as the real life Jimmy Piersall suffered from bi-polar disorder and even went so far as to write a book and then a movie about—the same that the author’s father assisted the creation of—these mental health issues, which are only just losing their taboo nature in society, are not foreign to J. A. Landry.


Readers who wish to experience Sammy Costello’s rise and his family’s journey through instability can purchase “Pronator” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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J.A. says: "This is a work of Pulp style Fiction"


In a global competition between continued harvesting of fossil fuels and the slower-paced exploitation of renewable energy, which side will win, and how? In a dangerous world of big business, big government and greedy scoundrels, up against a decades long march of peaceful activists for renewable energy, who arises the resolute savior?


The dark man swings his door open and jumps out. He grabs Sully by the neck and holds a handgun to his head. Sully is on his knees thinking of what he can do to get out of this.

The U.S. Marshal at the top of the hill walks down, careful not to be seen. He rounds the corner at the bottom of the hill. He sees Sully under the gun. At that moment, the other suited man gets out of his car and reaches for his weapon.

"Above Beyond" delivers a unique take on the age-old good against evil theme in a very refreshing, surprisingly uncommon, and perhaps controversial way. As the Fallen One uses children as pawns to convert and control perniciousness, the heavenly bodies must step in for the first time in 2015 years to interrupt the evil process. Both the Angel of evil and God of holiness recruit and show the way.


The fray and the sub-plots are stunning, and read as no story ever told or read before. Biblical verse and passage is sensitive and sensible in presentation, and prop-up the profound novel throughout.

J.A. says: "This is an exercise in working with equally heavy-handed character dialog and narrative."

"Eaves Drop" is an 90,466-word story of intriguing Internet based relationships that rip through an old Victorian neighborhood in Western New Jersey. The story is sinister, yet comedic, as Luke, the nearly genius main character corrupts and betrays for ill-minded, curious, personal gain his very community.


Luke is at the helm of one of the very first start-up Internet Service Provider networks, which he founded, continues to administer, and into which he personally recruits his own townspeople and many more throughout the New York City Metro Area. Luke’s dark and grim online seduction of every woman on the block, and his delusively obsessive, sad, yet comedic fantasy sub-plot with a Television star named Martha, props this fiction throughout.


Kat, a New York City Ballerina, lives next door to Luke, and unknowingly becomes his latest special haunt. In time, an unsuspecting, silent and invisible watcher sets out to methodically squelch the pained psychotic Luke, then rescue and deliver unto himself the lovely Kat. …Under the shrewd eye of Luke?

"Fool Star" is the tale of a traveling musician and performer named Tony. His undiagnosed tendencies toward a sad psychosis and schizophrenia eventually spawn action befitting the sociopath few know exists. While Tony reflects on his life, the reader examines the connection between Tony's stolen childhood and the man he is becoming. Tony's thoughts corkscrew relationships and dissect experience. Conflict, constituted by his diligent, street-smart intelligence and high emotional quotient, unwinds in the end to offer a bold finish and delicate beginning.


Thus, "Fool Star" is two tales interwoven: one of a loving, unassuming, narcissistic psychotic; the other, of a bohemian rock-and-roller traveling in a road show. 


Fool Star is a work of Pulp style Fiction

J.A. says: "This is an exercise in working with an Indie-Underground Fiction model."





"Passion From a Mind Abuzz-A Collection of Poetry"  is a fifty-four poem book of illustrated poetry. It's new and available at all Literary outlets, including e-Book and traditional format.



J.A. says: "The bulk of this work is tradiitonal rhymed poetry. Some may view it as sophomoric. Generally, the entirety of the prose is strong and read-worthy."

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