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Jim Landry is a short story author, creative non-fiction novelist, fiction book writer, free-lance writer, and an award-winning poet. He has work appearing or forthcoming in multiple literary outlets around the world. When he’s not entertaining readers with his writing, he’s most likely getting on with his dog Dixie. 


Jim is a New England native, born and raised in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas.

Landry’s creative mind and behind-the-scenes experience immerse the reader in adventurous and intriguing tales. Expert fiction and non-fiction bring his characters to life; his exceptional storytelling and talent for character dialog take the reader on an entertaining journey along with his main characters.


Published author Jim Landry ushered in a unique and bold writing style in his first novel, “Fool Star.”. He introduced his brand of Pulp Style Fiction in his earlier work, and reached out to creative, contemporary and literary fiction and non-fiction, too. You will also get a taste of Landry in the flesh, as all his books contain a bit of faction: Jim weaves some of his life stories into his story books.

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